Hey im sonicallen, site creator. Im a class 1 shifter and ocassionally a class 3. I am a wolfblood of course and am here on this page to awser any of your questions. Please make sure you put "from ........." at the bottom of your question. I will help you out as much as possible but please make sure you visit the Help and Cures page first, to make sure the awnser you seek isnt already typed up on that page.

so...ask away...

10/5/2012 14:07:29

hi i hear your a wolfblood well need some advice iv been having dreams and as you describe on all the pages well iv been having dreams like you describe running through a forest and im wondering if its real or if im going insane

10/18/2012 07:49:49

If the dreams are reaslistic, i mean, you can hear/smell/feel everything around you, then your probably shifting. This could well be real, there are many of our kind around the world and so you could well be one of us.

1/22/2015 21:48:05

I am not wolf, that i know of, but i get edgy if i dont go out in the woods at night, and i have dreams of wolves. how can i turn completely into a wolf to release my inner animal?

8/13/2015 17:17:55

i have been having dreams alot like the dreams you speak of and there so real i can remember the sound of howling and the scents of other wolfs around me and i thought i was insane and i can move as i please i would like to join a pack


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